US Jesco Euro Gourmet Kitchen Tools

Now that Christmas and New Years have come and gone again, it back to work and that includes the kitchen too.  Not that Christmas and New Years was a break from the kitchen, in fact, it probably meant more time spent in the kitchen with family and friends.  But now, it all about getting meals prepared and done so you can get on with the things you like to do.

This is where the US Jesco Euro Gourmet Kitchen Tools are a necessary part of your kitchens “tool chest” (ok, I’m a guy more who things of kitchen appliances as tools) or accessories.  Your going to spent allot of time in the kitchen again in 2013, so why not have the right tools (accessories) that make it fun and efficient.  The Euro Gourmet kitchen tools gives you that edge.

The Euro Gourmet kitchen tools have nine essential cutting, chopping, and slicing tools that will make your life much easier in the kitchen. The full set includes:

  • Chef’s Rival Chopper
  • Chef’s Rival 9 Attachments
  • Gourmet Cheese Mill (Set of 2)
  • Cheese Mill – Atlas (Set of 2)
  • Chef’s Envy Gourmet Slicer
  • Chef’s Envy Gourmet Slicer Caddy
  • Lightning Chopper
  • Twist & Sip
  • Kitchen Addition

You can check out  the Euro Gourmet features for these kitchen accessories on the US Jesco link above.  As well here are a couple of video links for the cheese mill and the chefs envy food slicer.

Chef’s Envy Food Slicer Video

Euro Gourmet Cheese Mill Video

The cheese mill is one of my favorites as grading cheese on the old fashion grader often grades not only the cheese, but my fingers as well.  This is a great solution for the old fashion knuckle buster that is quick and easy to clean too.

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US Jesco Master Cut 2 Kroger

Trending video in Google for US Jesco

Over 1400 views.  I like what the writer said about the sales actors:

“The salespeople from this company do quite well at capturing people’s attention. I’ve seen the demo twice with two different people and they both had nearly identical scripts and even jokes.”

About the Master Cut Line

The Master Cut line of cutlery is exclusive to Jesco and offers the customer outstanding quality for a great price. This versatile series of kitchen cutlery features knives that never dull and never need sharpening due to the fact that they are constructed of triple tempered stainless steel. The entire set of cutlery comes with an unconditional lifetime replacement guarantee and a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

Fun at US Jesco.

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US Jesco Euro Clean Power Hour Microfiber

Here’s another great retail tainment video from US Jesco. It the Euro Clean Power Hour Microfiber!!  It’s US Jesco’s 2nd most popular video on On YouTube.

If you have ever cleaned windows or mirrors, this product is amazing!  The biggest challenge is to remove the streaks and polish a surface spot free.  It’s really hard to do with a cloth and cleaner as there is always a residue smudge effect.  I don’t know how the do it with this cloth (there is some good science behind this somewhere), but to remove it without a cleaner (just water – can you say environmentally friendly) and make it streak free is a trick.

Check out the video below:

This is great for the kitchen too.  I love the actors too (who are these homemakers!)

You can find the video on YouTube at

Watch the video and take our poll here:

About US Jesco Euro Clean Microfiber

The Amazing Microfiber Cloth is the most advanced natural cleaning system in the world. Static charges pickup dust, lint and pet hair like a magnet. The Amazing Microfiber Cloth can also collect pollen that can irritate allergies.

Cleans, dusts and sanitizes using only water. The Amazing Microfiber Cloth is the fastest, safest and most effective way to clean.

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US Jesco Chef’s Envy

Here’s one of the all time best videos on US Jesco’s products, The Chef’s Envy Food Slicer. On YouTube, it has over 4000 views!

This is great kitchen tool, of course, but I love the guy who does the demonstration. He looks like he belongs in the kitchen and really knows how to put the slicer to use. Vegetable preparation is one of those thing we avoid, yet we know the best dishes are prepared with fresh vegetables. Although having this US Jesco actor in my kitchen would be handy, the next best thing is the slicer.

As presenters, this US Jesco demonstration wins with the most YouTube views to date.

You can find the video on YouTube at

Watch the video and take our poll here:

About US Jesco Chef’s Envy Food Slicer

The Chef’s Envy Professional Slicer brings the tools of the Commercial Kitchen to your home. Providing uniformity, safety and control to vegetable preparation, which is a key ingredient for perfect meal preparation.

The Chef’s Envy acheives uniform and even results leaving no waste from fruits or vegetables. It makes your food look great and taste even better while saving you time.

Julienne French Fries
Cole Slaw
Fruits & Vegetables
Pan Fried Onions

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News Release on US Jesco Jobs

Here’s a recent news release on US Jesco and jobs:

US Jesco Creates New Jobs in Retail-tainment Category

US Jesco, an industry leader in live product demonstrations announced today that it will continue its expansion of the job category of Retail-tainment though additional new hires of retail entertainers. In spite of the ongoing US economic recession, US Jesco’s demand for its open positions of retail entertainers has continue to grow as companies seek new media avenues to market their retail products.

Read Full News Release >

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US Jesco

US Jesco – Jobs That Will Entertain You

With millions of Americans out of work, who would think that acting is in demand. It may not be for the next big movie, reality show or TV commercial, but sales acting is alive and in demand for a company called US Jesco.

US Jesco employs actors for “sales roles” to help promote its specially home improvement products. You may have seen them, like the famous Mr. Sticky, a washable brush that removes lint from cloths. In fact, US Jesco has allot of home improvement products, fifty-six at last count from their website. Yet, US Jesco does not claim to be in the home improvement business, rather, they state that their business is “a unique promotional company that specializes in environmentally responsible household products.” In other words, as they assert on their website, they are a promotional company the specialize in “Retail-tainment”. Now that’s a unique business.

Although this field may seem a bit fictional, US Jesco has some real bragging rights. They have produced some “Retail-tainers” the name of which may be a bit familiar, like Anthony Sullivan, Charles Bronson, Jack Klugman, Ron Popeil, Ed McMahon, Paige Jones, Chef Tony and even Billy Mays to name a few. Arguably so, if you have seen any of these actors on late night TV ad shows, the acting academy of US Jesco is on a roll. In addition, US Jesco products have been featured on The Shopping Channel, QVC in Canada and in National commercials.

Interesting enough, US Jesco is a 3rd generation family owned corporation that was reincorporated in 1989. Since it’s reincorporation, it has become the industry leader for live product demonstration. This must have been one interesting business model discussion as “live product demonstrations” doesn’t jump out as the business to be in (technology at the time was hot area). Fast forward to today where many tech companies have come and gone over the past decades, and US Jesco’s is still going strong with live product demonstrations seen by over 17 million viewers per year (Canada, US and Europe). I’m sure US Jesco has worked out that statistics on product conversion with over 17 million views and obviously, the model is working well.

So for the up and coming drama students, out of work actors in the big leagues, “want to be” actors that can’t make American Idol, there is hope for a paying future. It may not be the academy awards or other such noble venues of recognition, but it looks like fun – check out US Jesco on Facebook or read about it in HubPages at US Jesco – A Crazy Place to Work . In my books fun and pay are two great job combinations no matter what you’re doing.

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