Wisconsin State Fair Event

Wisconsin State Fair Info

The Wisconsin State fair is now days away.  This year, US Jesco is one of the largest vendors…again…with over 50 different product demonstration and 75 of our best “retail-tainers” (look out Billy Mayes!).

One of the little know facts about Billy Mayes is that he worked alongside of the founder of US Jesco.  Small world.  Here’s the story on US Jesco at the fair this year:  US Jesco At Wisconsin State Fair  .

About MOwen

Mr. Owen is proficient in both sports and business. He is an accomplished skier and amateur hockey player. He brings his drive and athleticism to business where he started his career in high technology sales (Wang Laboratories). His business experience comprises 20 years of technology sales, marketing and business development, including P&L management ranging from $5 to $95 million. In addition, he has IPO and start-up experience where he served to foster, grow and help acquire companies. Mr. Owen’s propensity is to build long-term client relationships that solve business problems and provide tangible value for dollar results. Mr. Owen makes his residence in Boise, Idaho. Here, he has an attachment to the Pacific Northwest where he has made it his home for the past 20 years between Victoria, BC and Boise, Idaho. Currently, he freelances in Management Consulting and Web Development.
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One Response to Wisconsin State Fair Event

  1. Tara says:

    Billy Mayes has passed away, so that’s a little disrespectful.

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