USJesco and the Manual Kitchen

USJesco Manual KitchenI found this gem on the web for USJesco Manual Kitchen.  It’s a recipe book that features the use of the Euro Gourmet Kitchen Addition product.  There are some great meals in here.  Click the picture to go to the webpage.

For those wondering what the  Euro-Gourmet Kitchen Addition is, it is a special machine that can cut any kind of vegetables, such as carrots, lettuce, cabbage, potatoes, onions, etc. The Euro-Gourmet Kitchen Addition contains heavy-duty blades that will cut ten to twenty times faster than by hand, and it will cut everything into equal sizes.

Here’s a table of contents from the recipe book:

Recipes for the Euro-Gourmet Kitchen Addition


Salsa Fresca 1
Oriental Mango Salsa 1
Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi- Salmon Delight 1
Guacamole 1
Cucumber Salsa 1
Green Tomatillo Salsa 1
Mint Salsa 2
Spaghetti Sauce 2


Morning Energizer 2
Milk Shakes 2
Hash Brown 2
Hash Brown Omelette 3
Western Omelette 3


Tuna Salad 3
Egg Salad 3
Cole Slaw 3


Mamasita’s Gourmet Base 4
Chicken Loaf 4
Strawberry Mousse 4
Gourmet Omelette 4
Salmon Surprise 4
Deviled Eggs 4


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