Wisconsin State Fair Pave Way to Fame for US Jesco Actors

Wisconsin State FairThe Journal Sentinel of Milwaukee describes US Jesco and the Wisconsin State Fair as paving a way to fame for products and pitch-makers.  Although the article is several years old, it accurately describes what Jay Spalding, a US Jesco owner, as the “ground floor of innovation.”

Billy Mays, the OxiClean guy, was at the Wisconsin State Fair for over ten years selling a quick chopper before he hit the big time with the cleaning products, Spalding said. Chef Tony Notaro worked at the fair for 20 years and is widely known as a pitchman for knives.

And its no surprise that the fair has been a launching pad for fame. According to the Journal Sentinel, the fair ranks in the top ten biggest opportunities for sellers in the US. The fair is big business for US Jesco as it has maintain one of the largest retail footprints at the fair with over 20 booths. The fair draws almost a million people per day, so that’s allot of impressions and business too.

The article on US Jesco and the Wisconsin State Fair can be found at: http://www.jsonline.com/business/29283879.html .


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