Retail-Tainment Featured in Instant Appeal Written by Vicki Kunkel

Instant Appeal and US Jesco Book CoverIt’s not often that a company is independently selected as a case study for it’s marketing techniques.  The book by Vicki Kunkel, Instant Appeal: The 8 Primal Factors That Create Blockbuster Success, takes a chapter out of US Jesco’s marketing playbook to illustrate the effectiveness of using instant appeal to draw a crowd.

In the opening pages of her book (pages 6 to 8) she writes about her encounter with spellbound crowd of over 100 people in a Sears store watching a US Jesco actors demonstrate the microfiber dusting cloth. She describes the crowd as “eating out the actors hand” and comments on how over 60% of the people watching lined up to buy the dusting cloth, including herself.

What’s most complementary about her description of US Jesco’s delivery was that the acting and staging was on par with any professional theater. She also mentions that US Jesco is very exacting in it train and qualify of delivery, which is why people buy, and claims that these performances are based on hard science in anthropology and biology.

Science aside, it’s the good hiring practices of US Jesco and its culture of fun that probably helps allot too.  That said, it good to read that others see the results and want to write about it.

Read it on Google Books – Instant Appeal


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