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US Jesco – Jobs That Will Entertain You

With millions of Americans out of work, who would think that acting is in demand. It may not be for the next big movie, reality show or TV commercial, but sales acting is alive and in demand for a company called US Jesco.

US Jesco employs actors for “sales roles” to help promote its specially home improvement products. You may have seen them, like the famous Mr. Sticky, a washable brush that removes lint from cloths. In fact, US Jesco has allot of home improvement products, fifty-six at last count from their website. Yet, US Jesco does not claim to be in the home improvement business, rather, they state that their business is “a unique promotional company that specializes in environmentally responsible household products.” In other words, as they assert on their website, they are a promotional company the specialize in “Retail-tainment”. Now that’s a unique business.

Although this field may seem a bit fictional, US Jesco has some real bragging rights. They have produced some “Retail-tainers” the name of which may be a bit familiar, like Anthony Sullivan, Charles Bronson, Jack Klugman, Ron Popeil, Ed McMahon, Paige Jones, Chef Tony and even Billy Mays to name a few. Arguably so, if you have seen any of these actors on late night TV ad shows, the acting academy of US Jesco is on a roll. In addition, US Jesco products have been featured on The Shopping Channel, QVC in Canada and in National commercials.

Interesting enough, US Jesco is a 3rd generation family owned corporation that was reincorporated in 1989. Since it’s reincorporation, it has become the industry leader for live product demonstration. This must have been one interesting business model discussion as “live product demonstrations” doesn’t jump out as the business to be in (technology at the time was hot area). Fast forward to today where many tech companies have come and gone over the past decades, and US Jesco’s is still going strong with live product demonstrations seen by over 17 million viewers per year (Canada, US and Europe). I’m sure US Jesco has worked out that statistics on product conversion with over 17 million views and obviously, the model is working well.

So for the up and coming drama students, out of work actors in the big leagues, “want to be” actors that can’t make American Idol, there is hope for a paying future. It may not be the academy awards or other such noble venues of recognition, but it looks like fun – check out US Jesco on Facebook or read about it in HubPages at US Jesco – A Crazy Place to Work . In my books fun and pay are two great job combinations no matter what you’re doing.

About MOwen

Mr. Owen is proficient in both sports and business. He is an accomplished skier and amateur hockey player. He brings his drive and athleticism to business where he started his career in high technology sales (Wang Laboratories). His business experience comprises 20 years of technology sales, marketing and business development, including P&L management ranging from $5 to $95 million. In addition, he has IPO and start-up experience where he served to foster, grow and help acquire companies. Mr. Owen’s propensity is to build long-term client relationships that solve business problems and provide tangible value for dollar results. Mr. Owen makes his residence in Boise, Idaho. Here, he has an attachment to the Pacific Northwest where he has made it his home for the past 20 years between Victoria, BC and Boise, Idaho. Currently, he freelances in Management Consulting and Web Development.
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