Wisconsin State Fair Event

Wisconsin State Fair Info

The Wisconsin State fair is now days away.  This year, US Jesco is one of the largest vendors…again…with over 50 different product demonstration and 75 of our best “retail-tainers” (look out Billy Mayes!).

One of the little know facts about Billy Mayes is that he worked alongside of the founder of US Jesco.  Small world.  Here’s the story on US Jesco at the fair this year:  US Jesco At Wisconsin State Fair  .

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USJesco and the Manual Kitchen

USJesco Manual KitchenI found this gem on the web for USJesco Manual Kitchen.  It’s a recipe book that features the use of the Euro Gourmet Kitchen Addition product.  There are some great meals in here.  Click the picture to go to the webpage.

For those wondering what the  Euro-Gourmet Kitchen Addition is, it is a special machine that can cut any kind of vegetables, such as carrots, lettuce, cabbage, potatoes, onions, etc. The Euro-Gourmet Kitchen Addition contains heavy-duty blades that will cut ten to twenty times faster than by hand, and it will cut everything into equal sizes.

Here’s a table of contents from the recipe book:

Recipes for the Euro-Gourmet Kitchen Addition


Salsa Fresca 1
Oriental Mango Salsa 1
Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi- Salmon Delight 1
Guacamole 1
Cucumber Salsa 1
Green Tomatillo Salsa 1
Mint Salsa 2
Spaghetti Sauce 2


Morning Energizer 2
Milk Shakes 2
Hash Brown 2
Hash Brown Omelette 3
Western Omelette 3


Tuna Salad 3
Egg Salad 3
Cole Slaw 3


Mamasita’s Gourmet Base 4
Chicken Loaf 4
Strawberry Mousse 4
Gourmet Omelette 4
Salmon Surprise 4
Deviled Eggs 4

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Wisconsin State Fair Pave Way to Fame for US Jesco Actors

Wisconsin State FairThe Journal Sentinel of Milwaukee describes US Jesco and the Wisconsin State Fair as paving a way to fame for products and pitch-makers.  Although the article is several years old, it accurately describes what Jay Spalding, a US Jesco owner, as the “ground floor of innovation.”

Billy Mays, the OxiClean guy, was at the Wisconsin State Fair for over ten years selling a quick chopper before he hit the big time with the cleaning products, Spalding said. Chef Tony Notaro worked at the fair for 20 years and is widely known as a pitchman for knives.

And its no surprise that the fair has been a launching pad for fame. According to the Journal Sentinel, the fair ranks in the top ten biggest opportunities for sellers in the US. The fair is big business for US Jesco as it has maintain one of the largest retail footprints at the fair with over 20 booths. The fair draws almost a million people per day, so that’s allot of impressions and business too.

The article on US Jesco and the Wisconsin State Fair can be found at: http://www.jsonline.com/business/29283879.html .

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Retail-Tainment Featured in Instant Appeal Written by Vicki Kunkel

Instant Appeal and US Jesco Book CoverIt’s not often that a company is independently selected as a case study for it’s marketing techniques.  The book by Vicki Kunkel, Instant Appeal: The 8 Primal Factors That Create Blockbuster Success, takes a chapter out of US Jesco’s marketing playbook to illustrate the effectiveness of using instant appeal to draw a crowd.

In the opening pages of her book (pages 6 to 8) she writes about her encounter with spellbound crowd of over 100 people in a Sears store watching a US Jesco actors demonstrate the microfiber dusting cloth. She describes the crowd as “eating out the actors hand” and comments on how over 60% of the people watching lined up to buy the dusting cloth, including herself.

What’s most complementary about her description of US Jesco’s delivery was that the acting and staging was on par with any professional theater. She also mentions that US Jesco is very exacting in it train and qualify of delivery, which is why people buy, and claims that these performances are based on hard science in anthropology and biology.

Science aside, it’s the good hiring practices of US Jesco and its culture of fun that probably helps allot too.  That said, it good to read that others see the results and want to write about it.

Read it on Google Books – Instant Appeal

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US Jesco a Wisconsin State Fair Sponsor

On Thursday, August 1st 2013, rocker sisters Heart will kick off the Wisconsin State Fair on opening night, and US Jesco, as Wisconsin State Fair white ribbon sponsor, will be there in full force to take part in the festivities!

The historic State Fair was first held in Janesville in 1851 and showcased the state’s advances in agricultural machinery and products with over 10,000 people attending. Today, the fair is a big eleven-day event with an attendance of nearly one million visitors!

More information about US Jesco sponsorship can be found at:


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US Jesco Upcoming Events

US Jesco is on the road again!

This time, it’s in London, UK for the Ideal Home Show. The dates are 15 March – 1 April 2013.

The award-winning Ideal Home Show returns to Earls Court, London. This amazing event has everything you need from kitchens to gardens, including US Jesco’s famous home appliances! US Jesco will be on fully display with inspirational kitchen demonstrations complete with all the advice you need from experts and maybe a celebrity too.

As a exhibitor, US Jesco location is at STAND:2D104. More information on US Jesco and the Idaho Home Show is found at:


About the Ideal Home Show

The first Ideal Home Show opened in 1908 and was organised by the Daily Mail. The show was aimed at a growing market of home owners and showcased many labor saving devices that were starting to become more widely available.

The Ideal Home Show built its reputation on home innovation and was the UK launch pad for countless household products such as the toaster and electric kettle (1920), the microwave (1947) and the electric grass mower (1970). The show has also been at the forefront of environmental concerns, unveiling the first ‘energy efficient kitchen’ in 1989.

In 2008 the show celebrated its centenary with a special feature that showcased how much the home has changed in the 100 years since its doors first opened in 1908.

Today the show is owned by publishing and events company Media 10 ltd, who re-launched the show in 2010 to record breaking audiences.

US Jesco Exchange Services

STAND:2D104 – Lifetime warranty Lintroller “Mr. Sticky” and Just “Click It” Heat Pads

Event Contact Information

1421 Westway Circle

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The Jesco Euro Gourmet Tour

The industry leader for live product demonstrations living up to it’s name for the international US Jesco Euro Gourmet Tour last summer.  The cast of characters for this celebraty tour of product demonstrators are pictured below.

US Jesco Euro-Gourmet Demonstration Team!

US Jesco Euro-Gourmet Demonstration Team!

This team of retail-tainers making store and special events a little too much fun descended on cities thought the US spreading the news about Euro Gourmet kitchen tools. The fun factor was high with this team. The Google plus pictures tell the story at US Jesco Google Plus page.  Go to the photo tab and be prepared to smile.  Here’s a couple of my favorite pics

Team Jesco at Sears

Team Jesco at Sears

A New Team Member

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